US Immigration law

Our extensive experience with immigration law includes permanent and non-permanent employment-based cases, petitions based on business investments, family-based immigration, as well as non-immigrant cases such as student and exchange visitor applications.  We assist employers with the process of obtaining permanent and non-permanent labor certifications and with the overall sponsorship of foreign nationals.  Our team has filed H1-B applications and intra-company transferee petitions.  Our professionals have also assisted small and large foreign investors who find business opportunities here in the United States.    

For our individual clients, U.S. naturalization is often the ultimate goal.  However, they often become lost in the maze of immigration laws and regulations. The process of becoming a permanent resident of the United States and eventually a U.S. citizen can be complicated and confusing.  Sometimes, it may require a change of status, a waiver, or simply an extension of the client’s current status.  We provide clarification and assistance during this process and develop a clear path in our clients’ way to a better life.